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Don't be shy - drop me a line! Or, pick up a phone an call me at (714) 719-5269 (text messaging is available too!). Can't wait to work with you!
CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY BY MELISSA R (210) 521-0711. Photography by Melissa R's owner/photographer is a member of the Texas Professional Photographer's Association, a state-wide network of professional photographers, as well as the Professional Photographer's of America, a Nationwide network of professional photographer's, dedicated to keeping the integrity and beauty of this art alive and integrated into everyone's lives. Melissa Rodriguez is a proud participant in the Operation:Love Reunited (OpLove) program. Details can be provided upon request. PHOTOGRAPHY BY MELISSA R IS LISTED AT: Photography Directory by PhotoLinks Photography by Melissa R may also be found as a Preferred vendor listed in the San Antonio, Texas Photographers section of